Our innovative seminars offer you the chance to learn new exclusive cutting techniques with your hairstyling appliance. They enable you to experience a whole new world of variety when working with the appliance. The hairstyling appliance is transformed into the ultimate tool for trendy hairstyles!

We have been offering seminars focusing on the hairstyling appliance since 2006, holding these at the premises of our Key Player Team partners or in cooperation with our wholesalers.

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Innovative, new MOSER styling blade sets transform the classic hairstyling appliance into the ultimate styling tool for trendy stylists. Slicing, texturing and shaping of hairstyles reach a new dimension in which unity is achieved between creativity and rationality. Whether you are tackling long hair, cool short hairstyles, bobs, classic or progressive haircuts for gents – nothing is impossible. Our “Clipper Cuts” workshop allows you to experience a new degree of versatility when working with the hairstyling appliance! Make your individual mark and expand your repertoire under the professional guidance of the MOSER Artistic Team.

Target group: all stylists searching for innovative cutting techniques
Fees / Dates: on request



Unleash your creative potential! Under the guidance of our top stylists in the MOSER Artistic Team, you can create and combine a variety of design elements for individual and artistic hair tattoos. Following a detailed presentation and initial steps practicing on the training head, you will be able to apply the new skills you have learned to your model – quickly and confidently. Discover a further creative service for your customers through this workshop!

Target group: all ambitious stylists who wish to live out their creativity and make their own individual mark
Fees / Dates: on request

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