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MOSER Edgy Cut Men Style - Step-by-Step Primat EN

How-to video by Raphael Perrier featuring the clipper Moser Primat and the trimmer Primat mini.

All-in-One Blade – Step by Step Long Layer Cut

How-to video 'Long Layer Cut' with Moser Chromstyle Pro and All-in-One Blade: the new, ultimate blade set is versatile and can be used for every haircut: For fringe effects, developing volume layering while maintaining the same hair length, cutting hair extensions, and structuring short hair.

MOSER UnderCut Reinterpreted - Step-by-Step CeraStyle

How-to video featuring MOSER CeraStylePro straightener, and MOSER Ventus hair dryer.

MOSER Hot'n'Style Brush

MOSER Hot'n'Style Brush: Professional Volume Styling Brush for more volume, waves and to revive your style anytime of the day.

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