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Why should you care for blade sets - and how?

Both your customer and machine will thank you if you clean and care for your blade set. This is evident in a consistent cutting performance and an up to threefold extension of the service life!


Regular cleaning and care ensure that your hairstyling appliance will enjoy a long service life, particularly the blade set. Lubrication and care reduce friction, heat development and wear associated with the blade set and also protect it against environmental influences. Neglecting care increases the stress on the machine, leading to wear on the drive and gears and a reduction in battery life and the cutting performance.


Most of our mains/battery hair clippers are equipped with the "Quick Change" blade set rapid changing system. This quick change system allows you to remove the blade set simply and quickly from the machine.

  1. The blade set should be cleaned with a brush after every haircut where possible and lubricated.
  2. Fit the blade set to the appliance again following lubrication. 
  3. Please unscrew the blade set with a screwdriver in the case of hair clippers which are not fitted with the quick change system. Clean the top and bottom blades with a brush and lubricate the cutting surfaces. Screw the top and bottom blades onto the appliance again following lubrication.
  4. The machine should then be operated for approx. 10 seconds to distribute the oil evenly across the cutting surface.
  5. Our blade care videos show you exactly how to do it. Simply click on the appropriate video.

Use a hygiene spray regularly!

Blade Care Videos

Blade Care MOSER - Type 1854/1871/1884

How to maintain blades of all MOSER rechargeable hair clippers Type 1854/1871/1884.

Blade Care MOSER - Type 1400/1170

How to maintain blades of all MOSER mains hair clippers Type 1400/1170.

Blade Care MOSER - Type 1230 Primat

How to maintain blades of all MOSER mains hair clippers Type 1230.

Blade Care MOSER - Type 1233/1234 Primat

How to maintain blades of all MOSER mains hair clippers Type 1233/1234.

Blade Care MOSER - Type 1245 max45

How to maintain blades of all MOSER motor hair clippers Type 1245.


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